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Our Company

One of the largest private aviation companies in Ethiopia, East African Aviation provides charter flight services, flight training, and air ambulance transportation using fleets of midsized multi-engine aircrafts. Using new technology for pilot school flight training and introducing the first air ambulance service in Ethiopia, we pride ourselves in bringing safe and high-quality aviation services to East Africa.

At East African Aviation, our team is composed of accomplished, knowledgeable, and qualified pilots who have served Ethiopian Airlines for over 40 years. Our pilots bring a wealth of invaluable experience, which provides a safe and technologically advanced environment for those that seek services in aviation. To learn more about our team click here

Our Mission

The East African Aviation Mission is to deliver a safe, cost-effective and efficient aviation training, air charter and Air Ambulance service to both businesses and individuals.

We serve you—individuals and businesses alike, we aim to deliver premier customer service and create value for our customers in providing a safe and high-quality service that makes the most sense to them, not us.

We're about people - Ensuring great customer service, we put our clients first. We are always thriving to improve the aviation sector in East Africa, whether it is introducing the first full-motion simulator or first air ambulance service in Ethiopia, we strive to bring the very best to our clients.